My first post, here we go! For most who know me I’ve stayed so busy with clients over the years, I’ve just never had any extra time to focus on my website or social media. Although this is not my area of expertise, a bit scary and LOL technically challenging most of the time I’ve decided to give it a go. I’m going to try to embrace it and even put a bit of fun spin on it.

My hope is to have a website you’ll want to come and visit often for inspiration while you’re having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. There are so many projects I’m so excited to share. All of my projects are so special to me and I hope you enjoy them and they give you a little inspiration.

For many years I’ve taken pride in offering lines to my clients that are affordable but I still love to shop local. I love picking up odds and ends locally. I walk through several stores snapping photos of things I can use on different projects. For years I’ve wanted to offer shoppable looks but then a little voice in my head said you have no time for this, you are so not tech savvy and it’s too overwhelming, forget it Debra. Well, times have changed and I didn’t realize there were great tools out there. With being home more and making time to tackle technology I’m giving it a go.

My thought was if there are products or decor items I purchase from the same stores you have access to, why not share them with you on my website.  Sounds EXCITING right? So, in a nutshell I am going to start providing shoppable looks with embedded commissionable links on the photo for you to get all on your own. All my shoppable looks will only be in my “SHOP MY FINDS” page.  Just click on any photo you want to shop and it will take you to another page with all the shoppable products available for you to shop directly yourself.  It may take you to one of the many stores I shop at all the time like Amazon, Target, World Market, Wayfair, Hobby Lobby, Crate and Barrel and so many more. Now, keep in mind there are several products and services I offer that you will need to reach out to me directly to purchase. These items may include window treatments, furniture, rugs and such. So, if you’re not following me on Instagram you may want to start so you don’t miss a beat. 

I figure if I don’t come out of my comfort zone and give it a go now I never will.

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